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"WE exist because YOU do"

WE exist because YOU do

the gift is the EXPERIENCE of life

What is True hippie?

TRUE hippie is not just a company, brand, or catchy name...TRUE hippie is a way of life be a TRUE hippie is to understand that all living beings are necessary to the fabric of can be assured that your contribution, time, and energy is not only appreciated...yet you become active in a movement to spread love, peace, harmony, and matter the service and/or product provided...we do so through positive outreach, charismatic customer service, and the intrinsic responsibility to help life flow for all...

we believe everyone is necessary...that the differences in us...make us better, unique, and yet whole...


the gift is the EXPERIENCE of life


TRUEhippie means...

“...being the best you possible. Being free from negativity and self doubt...Being your best mentally, physically...and leaving your imprint on others, stimulating them to be their best!!! ” 


Chekita, a TRUE hippie 

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